When It May Be Time to Repair Your Chiller

Chillers are cooling equipment used in several homes and industries to cool various things. A chiller can be air or water cooled. Most homes use chillers to keep their food fresh and keep their home at a comfortable and functional temperature just like an air conditioner. Getting a chiller for your home or industry is a big investment that would save you money and time. It is normal for equipment to develop a fault at some point. Therefore, if your chiller gets spoiled, you need a chiller repair technician to help you fix it.  How will you know that that it is time to repair and service your chiller? A chiller can develop faults and repairs may be costly, if not properly maintained. Here are some tips that will help you to know when it is time to repair your chiller;


When you discover that your chiller is overheating, you need to check if the filter area is clean. When the filter is dusty, it will start giving you some problems. Therefore, it is important to clean the filter of your chiller at least once a month when used. Similarly, If the chiller's door is not properly sealed, cold air will leak out and this will cause the equipment to use more energy to work harder. This may weaken the motors and other apparatus.

Failure to start

If you try to start your chiller and it fails to start, it is an indication that something is wrong. It may be due to burnt fuse, low voltage or water may have escaped to the closed loop reservoir tank which may cause flow switch to ramble.

Water leakage

When you see water around the chiller system, it is a sign that there is a leakage somewhere. Chiller leakages are mostly from the compressors. Such leaks can allow air or moisture to enter the chiller unit. Once moisture enters the chiller unit, it can cause corrosion of the motors and bearings. If not repaired immediately, it may affect the overall efficiency of the unit.

Oil contamination

Several factors can cause oil contamination in a chiller. When there is a gasket failure, there will be an excess oil in the refrigerant and this will degrade the performance of the chiller. Sometimes, if your chiller is old, it is possible that there will also be excess oil in the refrigerant. Therefore, you need to service and repair the equipment. 

Chillers are very useful to homes; however, any technical failure could be dangerous. You can avoid emergency outages and expensive repairs when you maintain the chiller properly and regularly.